Alcemy- Using Artificial Intelligence For Decarbonizing Cement

Cement, and later concrete, are made out of natural materials, so it is inherently challenging to produce it with consistent quality. Quality and production management is extremely manual and therefore imprecise — here comes Alcemy’s AI software for predictive quality control which improves the consistency of cement and concrete.


This simplifies the work of the laboratory and control station. Quality and production management gets automated and so a major roadblock for producing low-carbon concrete at scale gets removed (the construction material is responsible for 8% of worldwide CO2).

Alcemy’s use of machine learning and control technology to predict and control the quality properties of cement and concrete results in –

  • 3-8 % higher contribution margin per tonne of cement
  • 8-20 % higher contribution margin per cubic meter of ready-mix concrete
  • -33 % reduction of the CO2 footprint of the building material concrete

90% of cement is consumed in the developing world that still has lots of infrastructure to build — and making personal scarifies (e.g. not flying, turning vegetarian, etc.) is not the answer to halting global warming.

A huge impact that goes far beyond personal sacrifice — can be achieved by working on technical innovations in carbon-intensive industries like steel, cement, plastic, aluminum, glass).

Alcemy alone can help save more CO2 than the entire flight sector emits — and since so few people work on cement, chances are high that each and every individual will make a measurable impact.

Reference- Business insider, Alcemy PR, Clean Technica