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Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings

Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings – A Lesser Known Approach For Reducing CO2 Emissions

The White House on May 17 announced a slate of new programs aimed at integrating US buildings into the clean

Space Junk

Space Junk Problem May Be Worsening Due To Rising CO2 Levels

Climate change may be making our space junk problem even worse. The rising carbon dioxide levels in our planet’s

Blue Gasoline

Blue Gasoline – VW, Bosch & Shell Develop A Renewable Petrol

Till the the world makes a complete transition to cleaner ways of commuting various companies are experimenting with existing


Biodiesel Made from Used Cooking Oil Launched By IOC

Diesel, India’s most used fuel, is made from crude oil, for which the nation is 85 per cent dependent

MEB platform

Volkswagen MEB Platform Is Now Being Used On Water For Zero Emissions

An MEB platform (MEB stands for German words meaning “modular electric-drive toolkit”) is traditional considered a automotive platform, but

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Predictive Capability Is A Boon For Renewable

Major disruption to the electricity sector is on the cards as governments ramp up renewables and transition away from


Can Sending Fewer Emails Really Save The Planet?

We may all soon be encouraged to send one fewer email a day, cutting out “useless” one-line messages –

Biomass Gasification

Innovative – Biomass Gasification Will Be Used By IOC To Develop Hydrogen

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), announced that it has signed a pact with Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore to

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