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Walmart Will Deliver Orders Using Drone To 4 Million U.S. Households

When a customer orders anything from Walmart, it is delivered from a central warehouse to a local distribution center,


Carbonfuture Is Collaborating To Remove 17,500 Tonnes Of CO2…

Bioenergie from Switzerland is collaborating with Carbonfuture (the carbon removal platform) on a 17,500-tonne carbon removal delivery. Bioenergie Frauenfeld is

carbon bomb

200 “Carbon Bomb” Are Being Planned To Ensure Our Extermination

Nearly 200 “carbon bomb” projects are being planned by fossil fuel industries, which will drive the climate beyond international

AeroShark technology

AeroShark – Using Sharkskin Technology To Cut Airline Emissions

AeroShark is an adhesive thin film developed by Lufthansa and BASF that duplicates the teeth-like, aerodynamic scales on a


Shell’s Carbon Capture Claims Are Completely False!

Shell developed a carbon capture unit at its Scotford refinery in Alberta in 2015, northeast of Edmonton. The technology


Tesla Assisted China In Reducing Carbon Emissions By 855,878 Tonnes

Tesla China just published Gasgoos, a year-to-date report on its new energy contribution. According to which Tesla assisted China

lithium-ion battery

India’s Plan To Overcome Lithium Deposits Shortage…

India falls behind in terms of lithium(Li) deposits, making it critical to secure sources of lithium to meet growing


Norway’s Total Emissions Are Down By 3.5% Thanks To Electric Transition

Norway is highly devoted to the EV revolution. Of all the nations in the world, Norway’sit boasts the most

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