Upcycling Chicken Feather Waste Into Pulp And Yarn

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Chicken Feather

A Rajasthan based company named Mudita & Radhesh P Ltd (M&R), has developed a new natural ‘wool like’ fiber by up-cycling feathers of chicken butchery waste. The feathers are spun into yarn which is 10 times warmer, softer, and durable than any other existing natural or man made fiber.

They collects Butchery Chicken Waste ( BCW) from local poultry slaughter house as a raw material and then hygienically, through multiple sanitization processes convert it into pulp and yarn for hand-loom cloth.

The feather wool is created in a unique 26 steps eco-friendly patented process. Till date M&R has saved 350,000 tons of chicken butchery waste from going into landfills and water bodies and turned those into yarn.

This feather wool yarn is given to tribal women and artisans (trained by the organization) to make various wearable items ( from their home or workshops ) like running cloth, quilt, shawls, jackets, embroidery, stoles, and mufflers.

The by-product from the process is scientifically converted into compost and distributed to local farmers as fertilizer.

The cost of this feather wool thread is also very low as it is extracted from garbage hence can compete against regular wool and cotton, synthetic fiber based apparels.

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