eWolf – Crowley’s First-of-its-kind Electric Tugboat

The leading US maritime firm Crowley has just announced it will build a tugboat named eWolf, which will be the first all-electric, zero-emission tugboat to ply the waters of the US.


Tugboats are tailor-made for the zero-emission revolution because they don’t need a lot of cargo space or living quarters. They just need power, and plenty of it, which means plenty of big, powerful batteries.

The new eWolf electric tugboat will get the job done with a 6.2 MWh main propulsion battery provided by the firm Corvus Energy, which is already carving out a name for itself in the zero-emission tugboat area, among other specialty watercraft.

Crowley estimates that the battery will provide enough juice for two fully zero-emission trips without recharging. Just in case, eWolf will be equipped with two emergency generators.

The eWolf will feature a design that allows the vessel to operate fully electric with full performance capabilities – and zero carbon emissions. The eTug will feature a fully integrated electrical package provided by ABB.

With 360-degree visibility, the eTug will also feature ABB’s artificial intelligence technology (AI) to increase safety and efficiency for mariners and provide sustainable performance with the reliability that customers demand.

Crowley’s first-of-its-kind electric tugboat is a game changer. It checks all the boxes by providing environmental, economic, and operational benefits for the communities and maritime industry.

The company anticipates that eWolf’s zero-emission electric drive will replace 30,000 gallons of diesel fuel every year, beginning in 2023 which is when they expect delivery.

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