Hetto – An Indian Electric Auto With A 200KM Range

Hetto, the electric Auto from Hykon is designed to save money and be environmentally friendly. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this electric auto features a hill start assist control and an onboard AC charger.

Hykon Hetto Electric Auto requires low maintenance and guarantees superior performance.


Hetto electric auto comes with a fast-charging option providing the power required to run the vehicle within a short duration. The helical spring hydraulic shock absorber, dual shock absorber, and hill assist control offer a smooth driving experience.

Equipped with AMC technology, the electric auto provides a mileage up to 200 km with a maximum speed of 50 km/hr. It also features a dual braking system and digital speedometer.

Hykon is powering the Nation and has a pioneering presence in the field of power electronics with varied interests in Medical transcription, Information Technology, Solar Energy and so forth.

Mr. Christo George, a committed and dedicated technocrat, set it up in 1991. Under his able stewardship the company has made rapid strides. Now Hykon is a multi-crore turn over company that directly employs more than 450 employees.

What started out as a company with just 5 employees, Hykon branched out in to an aspiring group of 4 companies with diversified activities.

Hykon is ranked as 6th Indian manufacturing company by Soft Disk 2015-16. Hykon have received ISO 9001 for 3 of its group companies and is in the process of implementation of Total Quality Management.

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