Audi Skysphere Concept – A Button Push Will Transform A 2-seater Into A Self-driving Car

German automaker Audi’s latest “skysphere concept” can transform itself from a two-seater sports car into a self-driving living room on wheels — a transformation that causes the entire vehicle to shrink by almost ten inches.


The concept’s “Sports” mode is what you’d expect from a contemporary electric sports car — a sleek roadster with plenty of oomph. But once a special button is pressed, the Audi roadster extends by 25 centimeters to enter “Grand Touring” driving mode.

Both the steering wheel and pedals swivel “into an invisible position and thereby completely removed from the interior.”

Once free of controls, the Audi’s interior appears as a light, spacious environment, inspired in many areas by the Art Deco universe. The comfortable seats boast the visual elegance of designer furnishings, yet they fulfill the functions of an car seat in driving mode without any compromises – side support and safety features are part of the package.

The rear end is dominated by a digitally controlled LED surface that extends across the entire width of the vehicle. Countless red LEDs are scattered like rubies across the vertical rear surface. Reflections create dynamic lighting and shadow effects when the lighting units are switched on and off.

The concept also packs a total of 465 kilowatts of power, allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just four seconds. It has a theoretical range of over 311 miles.

The key challenge?

Engineers will need to build a self-driving cars that can actually drive themselves first 😉 as currently the roadster —doesn’t exist beyond some striking renders.

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