EzUrja – On-demand Mobile EV Charging Stations For India

Battery storage and charger development company Ez4EV has announced that it will launch on-demand mobile electric vehicle charging stations called – ‘EzUrja’ – in the next three months. These will be provided by the company at the locations chosen by the customers.

EzUrja static fast chargers are designed with state-of-art technology to cater to the fast-evolving EV market. These Mega Chargers can charge a typical electric car for daily use in under 10 minutes (upto 80% charge) and public mobility – buses & fleet under 30 minutes (upto 80% charge).

The new generation charges are compatible with both Type 1 DC and CCS 2; providing ultra-fast charging from 50 kW to 150 kW, thus increasing usability and making it easier to adopt EV.

These integrated, flexible and cost-effective solutions can be used by retail owners, RWA’s and housing societies, office & commercial complexes and bus terminals.

The EzUrja mobile charging stations will follow a ‘Charging-on-Demand’ system and will be managed as an Internet of Things (IoT) device, allowing for remote condition monitoring and organization of operations.


The charging stations will come in various sizes with a dedicated power supply having slow and fast charging solution. It will have a logistics management system to handle recharging, using 100 per cent carbon emission-free energy throughput. The mechanism will provide a stable flow of energy with zero variables or surges round the clock, and on call.

With this, the company also aims to become a key player in the innovative charging infrastructure market by providing ‘Infra-as-a-Service’ for the Indian EV sector.

Reference- Business Today, Economic Times, HT Auto, NDTV, PTI