waste management

Waste Management Is The Need Of The Hour…

Waste management is an urgent necessity. Every year, India creates 62 million tonnes of garbage. Approximately 43 million tonnes (70 percent) are collected, with approximately 12 million tonnes being processed and 31 million tonnes being deposited at landfill sites.

Waste Management

We produced a large quantity of garbage on a daily basis, around 0.1 million tonnes of municipal solid waste, which can be classified as organic, recyclable, or hazardous.

There are several public and private organization, government laws, and so on, but owing to a lack of understanding about waste management, the execution of such rules does not occur on the ground, and everything amounts to “lip service.”

Waste management awareness, segregation, and recycling methods are not widely spread. People don’t grasp appropriate waste segregation, what the purpose of particular color bins is, and how we may reduce, reuse, and recycle our trash thus help in creating a circular economy.

Organizations like 3R ZeroWaste Pvt. Ltd. are a solution to these difficulties, they along with partners like Clean Future, promote awareness amongst all the strata of society by incorporating 360-degree awareness drives. The company is dedicated to creating zero-waste industries, schools, institutions, retail malls, restaurants, and hotels.

For instance, on September 21, 2021, we held a Garbage Segregation training program for the cleaning and kitchen employees of the Le Meridien, Hotel in Gurugram.

The program was attended by 50+ trainees, and they received 2 hours of instruction. We are grateful to Le Meridien Hotel’s management team and employees for showing interest in reducing their carbon footprint. Hope others will also follow the suit.

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