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Circular Economy Earns Intel More Than $100 Million!

Discovering novel and exciting ways to reuse, recover, and upcycle is an important component of Intel’s sustainability agenda. Embracing

circular economy with the Neue Klasse

BMW Group Accelerates Circular Economy With The Neue Klasse

BMW is preparing to launch its third generation electric vehicles utilizing its all-new Neue Klasse chassis. The first models

Circular Economy In Manufacturing Process

A circular economy is inspired by living systems, meaning there is no such notion as waste. One species’ waste

Coca-Cola Implements Circular Economy In Germany

Coca-Cola has been producing beverages at Genshagen near Berlin in the district of Teltow-Fläming, since 1998. The plant is

Circular Economy : A Must For Sustainable Earth

What most industries do right now is: Take, Make and Dispose. Extract resources, process them into products, dispose off


Volvo Is Gearing Up For A Fully Circular Business By 2040

By 2030, Volvo will offer only all-electric cars, and all of them leather-free. The new Volvo C40 Recharge will

evian to Becoming a 100% Circular Brand by 2025

evian announced that it will make all of its plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic by 2025, a move that

Protein Evolution's New Technology Can Recycle Plastic Waste Indefinitely

Protein Evolution’s New Technology Can Recycle Plastic Waste Indefinitely

Protein Evolution, a New Haven, Connecticut-based firm, said this week that it has developed a technology for breaking down

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