Citroen’s ë-Jumpy Runs 400 Kms Using A Combination Of H2 And Electricity

Citroen has never stopped innovating in order to adapt to societal changes and provide greater tranquilly and ease to professionals in their everyday lives since 1928.

Citroen's ë-Jumpy

Citroen is deploying new energies in 2021 with ë-Jumpy Hydrogen (H2) and new concepts with My Ami Cargo to provide the most comprehensive electric range on the market this year, in response to new environmental and societal problems.

Hydrogen technology rounds out the electric utility vehicle offering to satisfy the needs of 8% of businesses that need to drive more than 300 km or do not have time to recharge their car throughout the day.

The first Citroen model to use this new energy is the ë-Jumpy Hydrogen, an electric van with a fuel cell and rechargeable batteries. It has a range of over 400 km and its three 700 bar carbon fibre hydrogen tanks, which are located near the batteries beneath the front seats, can be filled in about 3 minutes.

Citroen’s complete light commercial vehicle (LCV) line will be electrified by 2021, with the ë-Jumpy currently on the road and My Ami Cargo, ë-Berlingo Van, ë-Jumpy Hydrogen, and ë-Jumper expected in the second part of the year.

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