Tesla’s Model 3 And Model Y Will Use LFP Batteries In Standard Range Vehicles

Tesla Model Y and Model 3 sedans with standard-range batteries will now use lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. The information was revealed in the company’s earnings report for the third quarter. LFP batteries were initially used in Model 3s built in China last year.


Tesla appears to be delighted with the outcome and will now employ lithium-iron-phosphate chemistry for all of its standard-range vehicles worldwide. As a result, its grid-scale energy storage solutions now include LFP battery cells as well. Since LFP battery cells do not require expensive and scarce raw elements like cobalt and nickel, they are less expensive than traditional battery types.

An important factor in the poor visibility of LFP batteries outside of China is the country’s control over the market due to a number of significant LFP patents. Those patents, on the other hand, are set to expire soon.

In the long run, Tesla’s switch to LFP batteries is a smart, foresighted choice. Due to their lower cost, they are safer and more widely available than previous models. This will push sales up and ultimately lead to a wider acceptance of environmentally friendly automobiles.

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