WindESCo Swarm™

WindESCo Swarm™- World’s First Wind Turbine Autonomous, Collaborative Control Solution

One of WindESCo’s pioneering projects is WindESCo Swarm™, the world’s first commercially accessible and patent-protected system for autonomous, cooperative wind asset control.

WindESCo Swarm

For wind asset owners, WindESCo Swarm™ will unleash millions of dollars in additional revenue by allowing turbines to collaboratively alter their location, increasing overall farm productivity by 3-5 percent yearly. The technology is inspired by nature and the instinctive decision-making of birds in flight. Over the course of five years, the cost of a typical 1GW wind farm would be well over $20 million (€17 million).

As an integrated system, WindESCo Swarm™ integrates hardware and software to assist owners unlock value by enabling turbines to connect and learn from one another.

WindESCo took a multidisciplinary approach to design the system, merging the domains of wind turbine loads, controls, meteorology, sensing and machine learning. The system has been under development for three years, thanks to significant funding.

North American wind farms with a combined capacity of more than 300 MW are now undergoing their first commercial installation. Most turbine manufacturers and types are compatible with it, therefore it is now being provided as a repowering option.

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