Solar DC Fridge

Solar DC Fridge Is Increasing The Rural Entrepreneurs Income By Many Folds

Tushar Devidayal

Tushar Devidayal launched Devidayal (DD) Solar Solutions in 2015 with the goal of creating certified off-grid equipment such as solar DC fridge, BLDC fans, and coolers. DD Solar was founded to meet the demand for decentralized cold storage solutions in rural and semi-urban areas.

solar DC fridge

The solar DC fridge has a digital display, eco-friendly technology (no chlorofluorocarbon emissions), and has been tested by CLASP (Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program, a non-profit that works to implement energy efficiency standards and labels for appliances, lighting, and equipment) for steady-state operation power consumption at 16 degrees Celsius, 32 degrees Celsius, and 43 degrees Celsius, load processing efficiency, and freezing capacity.

DD Solar now employs 15 people and conducts all R&D (including design) and testing in-house.

Their business strategy is based on a ‘ecosystem approach,’ which is aimed at increasing revenue for rural India’s micro-enterprises and entrepreneurs.

But how do these solar DC fridge affect certain market segments?

Farmers in the dairy industry are stockpiling more milk and other dairy products since the risk of rotting has decreased. Given the assurance that there will be little to no spoilage, dairy sellers have introduced new goods such as paneer, buttermilk, and mawa (khoya).

Similarly, in the fisheries sector, small sellers now buy fish in bulk at low costs, keep them in solar refrigerators, and sell them at a profit when demand is strong.

In summary, they don’t only offer products to micro entrepreneurs; they also endeavor to understand their technological, financial, and commercial demands and then give them with tailored solutions.

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