ONE’s New Battery Prototype Powers A Tesla For 1210 Kms On A Single Charge

Our Next Energy (ONE), a Michigan-based startup, tested its prototype of a new battery in a Tesla Model S and drove 752 miles before having to recharge.


The test drive took place in Michigan in mid-December. This is significant since Michigan is notorious for its severe winters, and one major issue with EVs is that cold weather reduces the vehicles’ range.

They drove the Model S across the state for 14 hours at an average speed of about 55 miles per hour before returning to company headquarters. The journey totaled 752 miles.

The business intends to eliminate nickel and cobalt from the Gemini 001 battery used in this test without sacrificing energy density. The company’s range goal exceeds that of any EV — even Lucid’s top-of-the-line Lucid Air has a range of little over 500 miles.

The Gemini 001 battery will consist of two distinct cell types. ONE intends to augment the less expensive LFP cells with a range-extender part for high-power applications. This will alleviate the majority of the pack’s stress and degeneration.

The range-extender cells will have a graphite-free anode. This increases the space accessible for the cathode, hence increasing the range extender cells’ energy density. The LFP cells cover 99 percent of the duty cycle of the vehicle, while the range extender is employed for the remaining 1%.

ONE will design the cathode using a manganese-rich material that can be supplied responsibly and affordably. Additionally, ONE has filed for 14 patents relating to the Gemini pack.

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