Honda & Sony Team Up To Build Electric Cars

Honda and Sony will collaborate to create a new firm to produce electric vehicles. They have agreed to sign a memorandum of agreement (a sort of pre-contract contract that says the parties to the pre-contract definitely intend to sign an actual contract very, very soon).

2020 Honda e

The first automobiles from the as-yet unnamed firm are projected to hit the market in 2025, which is very fast considering that creating a new car and putting it into production normally takes 5 to 7 years in the real world.

Honda will be in charge of car design, development, and sales, while Sony will create a mobility service platform. The collaboration aims to combine Honda’s skills in automotive manufacturing and marketing with Sony’s strengths in image sensors, telecommunications, and entertainment.

The New Company will strive to be at the forefront of mobility innovation, development, and expansion throughout the world by taking a wide and ambitious approach to producing value that surpasses consumers’ expectations and imagination.

Although Sony and Honda have many historical and cultural commonalities, their technology competence is vastly different. As a result, this agreement, which combines the assets of these two organisations, opens up exciting possibilities for the future of mobility.

Sony has been indicating its goal to enter the automobile business for some time, but this is the company’s first real move into the commercial sector.

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