BMW’s Ist All-Electric Car Places A Special Emphasis On Energy Efficiency

BMW has recently unveiled the new i7 xDrive60, the first all-electric car in the next generation of its legendary 7 Series, and the manufacturer is quick to remind everyone that the ultra-luxurious ride will be accompanied with a heat pump.


The entry of energy-efficient heat pumps into the luxury mobility market represents a sea change in the way automakers pitch their vehicles to demanding, discerning consumers with vast budgets and a desire to avoid harming the environment.

BMW Group issued a richly detailed press statement for the new 7 Series launch, demonstrating how energy economy improves the pleasure of driving a premium electric vehicle.

The BMW i7 has a model-specific temperature control unit with exceptionally efficient heat pump technology. This technology is utilized in the integrated heating and cooling system for the cabin and driving system, as well as the adaptive or individually adjustable recuperation function, contribute to increased efficiency.

Drivers of electric vehicles, like their ICD counterparts, want to go for miles and miles but in zero-emission mode, without having to stop for recharging.

BMW has devoted special emphasis on that feature, and the i7 xDrive60 is expected to have an EPA range of up to 300 miles (482 KMs), thanks to an energy-efficient heat pump and a smart regenerative braking system. A “freewheel” function also helps to extend range by enabling the car to coast without consuming battery power.

Heat pumps have a special place in the hearts of electric cars because they help resolve the pesky problem of battery range in cold weather, when drivers need more juice to keep the cabin warm.

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