Modine Launches Battery Thermal Management Systems For Commercial EVs

Modine has pioneered heat transfer technologies in the transportation business since the first radiator system for the Model T in 1927. It is once again at the forefront of boosting performance and safety while extending vehicle lifespan and range as the commercial vehicle sector transitions to electrification.

They just announced the broad release of their EVantage™ Thermal Management Systems package for commercial EV chassis.

Modine manufactures full EV thermal management systems that regulate battery, traction motor, and power electronics temperatures within optimal ranges under all operating circumstances and are adaptable for any size chassis, using more than 100 years of thermal knowledge.


The EVantage suite enhances cooling while minimizing power demand in a compact form factor by merging Modine’s cutting-edge, patented heat exchanger technology with specialized smart electrical components.

The EVantage suite expands the range of commercial EVs by using a patented design to decrease power demand during heating and cooling operations.

The EVantage Thermal Management Systems are meant to be full, plug-and-play systems with Controller Area Network (CAN) bus connectivity and a pre-programmed master controller for automatic operation. These products are ideal for zero-emission transit, coach, and school buses, specialist vehicles, and trucks, including last-mile delivery vans.

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