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Modine Launches Battery Thermal Management Systems For Commercial EVs

Modine has pioneered heat transfer technologies in the transportation business since the first radiator system for the Model T

Lesson : How Pooling Resources Could Help In ‘Solid Waste Management’

India should learn from other countries on how to find financial resources and manage ‘solid waste’ which is a


NREL Designs High Efficiency Inverter For Heavy-duty EVs

Electrification of heavy-duty EVs is integral to decarbonization efforts, but vehicle components must be designed to handle more power

Telsa Megapack

Lessons From The Tesla Megapack Fire In Australia…

The Tesla Megapack battery incident at Victoria Big Battery in Australia last year was a learning experience for Tesla


Ola Scooter Catches Fire In Pune…

An Ola S1 pro electric scooter caught fire just months after it was launched. On Saturday, a video of


Ambri Gets $50 Million From Reliance For Developing Liquid Metal Battery

Ambri Inc. has announced that it has secured a $144 million financing to commercialize and grow its daily cycling,


Xerotech- Planning To Electrify Construction Equipment Industry

A new “turnkey” modular battery system from technology firm Xerotech is promising to revolutionize the construction equipment market by


Unique – NIO “Battery As A Service” Has Won 1.2 Million Hearts Till Date

Thanks to NIO’s battery as a service philosophy, owners who have the 70 kWh battery installed in their cars

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