Goodyear Airless Tires

Goodyear Is Testing Airless Tires On Tesla Model 3 !

Goodyear is apparently testing airless tires on a Tesla Model 3, and the results seem promising. The tires performed admirably throughout testing, hugging bends and maneuvering around obstacles with ease.


The airless tires performed admirably, and the Model 3 maintained amazing speeds. The concept is to combine Tesla automobiles with airless tires to promote a bigger and more sustainable vision.

Because airless tires are impervious to punctures, when more of them are on the road, fewer tires will wind up in the scrapyard. Furthermore, if self-driving cars become more popular, airless tires might be a game changer because they are meant to be maintenance-free.

Goodyear announced its sustainable tire idea and tested its innovative airless tire in January 2022. The tire is made out of 70% recycled materials. The business began testing its airless tire on Starship Technologies’ tiny delivery robots.

Goodyear has extended testing of its non-pneumatic, airless tires to high-performance electric cars as part of its commitment to allow mobility today and in the future, and has successfully completed durability testing of non-pneumatic tires at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

This is in line with Goodyear’s 2020 objective of developing a tire composed completely of sustainable materials by 2030. The prototype is the initial step in that direction. The materials will also assist the company in reducing its reliance on petroleum-based goods.

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