Enovix Ships Commercial 3D Silicon™ Lithium-ion Batteries

Enovix announced the development of BrakeFlow™ (BrakeFlow), their 3D Silicon™ lithium-ion batteries, in March 2022. The technique is an intra-cell device that boosts thermal runaway tolerance from internal shorts without losing energy density.


The firm focuses on advanced silicon-anode lithium-ion battery development and manufacture, and it is now constructing a volume production advanced silicon-anode lithium-ion battery production facility in the United States.

The business stated that their lithium-ion cell architecture differs from the traditional jellyroll construction, which may result in a conflict between energy density and safety. Its 3D cell architecture employs a number of intra-cell characteristics that increase electrical, physical, and environmental abuse tolerance.

Not only does the new architecture enable a 100 percent active silicon anode, which significantly increases energy density, but it also allows Enovix to launch new innovations such as BrakeFlow, which reduces temperature rise at a short location by design, adding exceptional tolerance against thermal runaway.

Its mission is to deliver high-energy batteries to designers of category-leading mobile devices, allowing them to create more inventive and portable products.

Enovix Co-Founder, President and CEO Harrold Rust

Enovix has just announced the shipment of the first commercial lithium-ion battery cells. The cells were delivered out of the company’s Fremont facility, marking the completion of a 14-year process. With the start of commercial production, Enovix customers now have the opportunity to realize a meaningful advantage over their competition, while companies that take a wait-and-see approach, sticking with legacy battery designs, risk being left behind.

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