Rolls-Royce To Develop Hydrogen Electrolyzer

Rolls-Royce enters the hydrogen generation market and acquires a 54% majority stake in electrolysis cell specialist Hoeller Electrolyzer, whose innovative technology will form the basis of a new range of electrolyzer products mtu from the Power Systems division.

Dr. Otto Preiss, COO of Rolls-Royce’s Power Systems Division (left) and Armin Fürderer (second from left), who is responsible for climate-neutral solutions at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, announce electrolysers with several megawatts of power. Stefan Höller (right), company founder and head of development, and Matthias Kramer (second from right) jointly head Hoeller Electrolyzer, a company based in Wismar on Germany’s Baltic coast.

Hoeller Electrolyzer, based in Wismar, Germany, is a young technology company developing highly efficient polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) stacks for the cost-effective production of hydrogen under the Prometheus brand.

Hoeller Electrolyzer was founded in 2016 and, together with Prometheus, has positioned itself as one of the few highly specialized experts in the field of highly efficient PEM electrolysis stacks. Founder Stefan Höller has over a quarter of a century of experience developing electrolysis technology and has already filed 14 Prometheus-related patents.

Rolls-Royce has commissioned its first in-house test stand for mtu hydrogen engines at its Augsburg site.

In hydrogen electrolysis, a direct current is applied to water, which produces hydrogen at the negative pole and oxygen at the positive pole. In this way it is possible to produce CO2-neutral hydrogen using electricity from renewable sources such as sun or wind.

The electrochemical reaction takes place in a cell between plate-shaped electrodes separated by membranes. Hundreds of cells stacked on top of each other and compressed form a “pile”, the heart of an electrolyser.

Rolls-Royce’s first mtu electrolyzer will go into demonstrator operation in 2023. The core element is the electrolysis stack from Hoeller Electrolyzer.

With decades of experience and systems expertise, Rolls-Royce along with Hoeller Electrolyzer will produce hydrogen at a previously unimaginable price. This complete electrolysis system opens up the potential for significant sales around the world, as Rolls-Royce has a worldwide sales and service network.

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