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Rolls-Royce To Develop Hydrogen Electrolyzer

Rolls-Royce enters the hydrogen generation market and acquires a 54% majority stake in electrolysis cell specialist Hoeller Electrolyzer, whose

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Green Hydrogen Is Being Tapped¬†By India’s Biggest Companies…

Green H2 -1-1-1 ($1 for 1 kilogram of green hydrogen in 1 decade) is the latest buzzword in the

Air Company

“Air Company” Is Turning Horrible CO2 Emissions Into Vodka…Cheers!

A company called Air Company is manufacturing vodka derived from carbon dioxide emissions, a futuristic new beverage that can


Hysata Electrolyzer Creates Green Hydrogen for Under $1.50/Kilogram

Green hydrogen is produced using water as a fuel and renewable energy. There are no fossil fuels used. Otherwise,

green hydrogen

Green Hydrogen’s Levelised Cost Can Boost Renewable Energy Adoption

According to ratings agency ICRA, ” Under the base case scenario of delivering renewable cost of procurement, including intra-state

Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy Will Supply Electrolyzer For World`s First Mega e-Methanol Project

Siemens Energy has received an order for an electrolyzer plant from European Energy, a Danish developer and operator of

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Green Hydrogen Prices Will Fall Massively By 2030

Green hydrogen is created by electrolyzing water using renewable energy. “BloombergNEF forecasts” that renewable hydrogen will be cheaper in

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India’s Green Hydrogen Transition Will Cost $60 Billion

State-owned energy corporations are seeking partners to collaborate and create green hydrogen plants to power their refineries and commercialize

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