Bloom Energy & Shell Team Up For Clean Hydrogen Production

Bloom Energy and Shell have partnered to create clean hydrogen production solutions using Bloom’s advanced electrolyzer technology. The partnership aims to create reliable, solid oxide electrolyzer (SOEC) systems that can produce large quantities of clean hydrogen.

Bloom Energy

This hydrogen could be used at Shell’s facilities as a more environmentally friendly alternative to their current reliance on grey hydrogen, which has high carbon emissions.

Bloom Energy’s SOEC technology provides a clean and environmentally-friendly solution by using renewable energy to split water molecules and produce hydrogen. This is a major advancement in reducing carbon emissions, especially in difficult-to-decarbonize industries.

The partnership is mainly focused on producing clean hydrogen, but it also involves another deal. In February 2024, Hexicon AB purchased all of MunmuBaram Co., Ltd. from Shell, increasing their ownership from 20% to 100%. This acquisition adds 900 MW to Hexicon’s wind energy portfolio, showcasing their commitment to renewable energy.

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