Apple Car

Apple’s e-Car Turns Out To Be Favorite Among Tesla Owners

According to a Strategic Vision poll of over 200,000 new car owners (via Business Insider), California-based tech firm Apple rated third overall on a list of companies that people adore. And, critically, that more people would consider an Apple car than a Tesla.


From Apple’s perspective, the most important news from that poll was that a majority of Tesla owners (more than half) had the strongest positive response to a future Apple Car.

While that’s a large amount, it’s worth remembering that it used to be as high as 70%, and that a sizable proportion of repeat Tesla purchasers appear to be switching from the larger, more costly Model S to the smaller, more inexpensive Model 3 or (more likely) Model Y.

Before we go, it’s worth noting that the (nonexistent) Apple Car had the greatest “quality impression,” with a score of 24%, compared to 15% for Toyota and 11% for Tesla.

The above story is based on Business Insider survey