United Airlines

United Airlines Invests $15 Million in An Electric Aircraft Startup

Some believe that electric aircraft are certainly the future, while others believe it is all nonsense. What truly inspires confidence, though, is when large names in the aviation business begin to invest in the technology. On the subject of electric aircraft, United Airlines has committed $15 million in Eve Air Mobility. Embraer also supports Eve Air Mobility.

United Airlines

United Airlines has also committed to purchase 200 of the electric air taxis, if Eve Air Mobility can construct 200, with the option to purchase another 200 if necessary (again, if Eve Air Mobility is one day able to produce 400 electric aircraft).

Although, Eve has joined the stock market (the NYSE) in May of this year, the planes are not expected to be available until 2026.

United Airlines is not placing all of its eggs in one electrified basket. In addition, the corporation put down $10 million for 100 electric planes from Archer Aviation.

We’ve covered hundreds of electric aircraft startups over the years, but honestly we still don’t know how much it will cost to become economically viable.

Shorter-range regional flights in small and mid-sized planes are the most straightforward path forward for electric powertrains, and many people believe that these will be economically viable markets in the future.

United Airlines would not have invested tens of millions of dollars in these startups if it did not believe in them. However, we will have to wait at least a few years to know if that optimism and investment pays off.

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