Breakthrough – EnerVenue Offers A 20-year Warranty On Its Nickel-H2 Batteries

Outside of the aerospace business, most people may have never heard of a battery firm called EnerVenue. It manufactures nickel hydrogen batteries, which have demonstrated their worth in orbital spacecraft by supplying consistent power for more than 200 million cell-hours and 100,000 charge and discharge cycles.


Now, the company intends to apply its technology to the global energy storage market. To entice potential consumers, EnerVenue is providing Capacity Assurance, which it describes as the “simplest warranty in the industry” – 20 years and 200,000 charge/discharge cycles with no more than 12% deterioration.

Capacity Assurance terms are meant to correspond with customers’ expectations by supporting the long-term life cycles of conventional energy storage projects, with an assurance of 88% capacity over 20 years.

EnerVenue’s nickel hydrogen battery provides energy suppliers and system owners with proven grid scale renewable storage technology that overcomes lithium-ion batteries’ cost, durability, and safety restrictions.

Battery deterioration is serious and troublesome with ordinary batteries. Their power production diminishes by several percent each year, necessitating costly mitigation by adding new battery banks to their existing footprints in order to meet contractual power output commitments.

EnerVenue’s battery systems have a design life of 30 years or more with very little year-to-year deterioration. These batteries are ultra-low maintenance, requiring no augmentations and having comparably low material and operational expenses.

EnerVenue batteries also have no fire or thermal runaway danger, display extremely minimum deterioration, and are designed to function in a wide temperature range (-40o C to +60o C), reducing the requirement for auxiliary heating and cooling. They are also non-toxic and completely recyclable.

The one thing that suggests this technology may be the real deal is that a lot of people who do know the specifics have committed to spending millions of dollars to acquire these batteries.

This is a Globe PR Newswire Feed; researched and edited by Clean-Future Team