BYD Atto 3

BYD Atto 3 Launched In India With 320 Km Range

BYD intends to begin producing at least 300,000 EVs per month from its numerous sites in China and elsewhere in the near future. BYD’s worldwide growth effort is being boosted by this increase in manufacturing.

BYD Atto 3

The Atto 3, one of the stars of BYD’s new portfolio of electric vehicles, was released in several regions this week. The famous Atto 3 was released in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, India, and Nepal.

The Atto 3 will be one of India’s first “retail” or “direct-to-customer” EVs. The BYD E6 is now being offered to fleet operators in India.

BYD has shown that it is willing and ready to offer its affordable electric vehicles in emerging markets and other places where other EV brands are not yet ready or willing to go at the moment. The Atto 3 has already been launched in several countries, such as Japan, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Cambodia, Israel, and several other places.

Some of the specs of the Atto 3 are –

  • 150 kW and 310 N.m of torque
  • Max speed of 160 km/h
  • BYD Blade battery with a capacity of 50.12 kWh (LFP)
  • Range of 320 km (WLTP)

A long range version of the ATTO 3 is also available. It has a 60.48 kWh battery.

It’s wonderful to see one of the industry’s leaders exposing one of its new models to a larger audience. People can only buy what is accessible to them, thus the effort that BYD is doing should be lauded.

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