Land Rover Defender

New All-Electric Land Rover Defender Is Rumored To Have 482 Kms Range

Within the next five years, the Land Rover Defender will be totally electric. The most recent version of the popular 4×4 was just debuted in 2020, but completely electric versions of the 90, 110, and 130 are expected to arrive as part of a revised Defender line-up in 2025, with automobiles reaching consumers in 2026.

Land Rover Defender

The transition is projected to result in a platform technology shift from the existing D7 Premium Lightweight Architecture to Land Rover’s sophisticated new MLA Flex platform. MLA can accommodate both completely electric and internal combustion engines, and it currently underlies the company’s new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport vehicles, with all-electric versions planned in 2024.

The platform transition will occur at a time when the Defender is ready for a mid-life update, but don’t expect significant changes to the car’s appearance, despite the change in architecture.

Inside the electric Defender, there may be some tweaks to the infotainment system, such as a slightly larger screen, but the cabin design has been so warmly accepted by consumers that it is unlikely to be altered significantly. However, as Land Rover seeks to improve its environmental credentials, the usage of sustainable materials is set to expand.

The Defender EV is projected to have a battery capacity of roughly 100kWh, as this can easily fit inside the MLA platform, and the goal will be to achieve at least 300 miles (482 kilometers) of all-electric range.

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