Captura Is Sucking CO2 From Seawater In a Bid To Fight Climate Change

In a groundbreaking endeavor, Captura Corporation, an offshoot of the prestigious California Institute of Technology, has conceived an audacious strategy to combat carbon emissions. Their visionary concept involves the establishment of an aquatic purification facility situated amidst the vast expanse of the sea.


With a commitment to mitigating any potential ecological harm, Captura plans to extract carbon dioxide from the ocean water while also returning the purified water back into the ocean. By exclusively utilizing renewable electricity and ocean water as resources, the company hopes to limit any negative impact on the environment.

The eradication of carbon emissions will be accomplished by means of the Captura’s exclusive electrodialysis technique, known as Direct Ocean Capture (DOC). This yields a pure CO2 flow that can be stored or repurposed to manufacture alternative, eco-friendly substances or commodities, thereby combating the detrimental consequences of climate change.

With the lofty goal of achieving massive-scale carbon removal at a more affordable rate than current methods, the company sets its sights on a truly noble pursuit.

The groundbreaking DOC technology, pioneered by Caltech, holds the remarkable potential to extract gigatons of carbon from the vast depths of the ocean. A mere fraction, not exceeding 1%, of the water is deftly diverted and subjected to meticulous pre-processing, resulting in the purification of the oceanic waters into their pristine saline form.

By means of dissociation, the ingenious electrodialysis method employs sustainable electrical energy to seamlessly divide the amalgamation of salt and water, yielding both an acidic solution and an alkaline foundation.

Incorporating the acid into the oceanic expanse, a profound chemical reaction ensues, effectively extracting CO2 from the water. Hastened by the employment of a gas-liquid contactor and vacuum pump, this procedure expedites the creation of a pristine carbon dioxide stream, ripe for repurposing or seclusion.

The act of mitigating the flow of oceanic waters involves the introduction of an alkaline foundation, thereby facilitating the assimilation of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Subsequently, the de-carbonized water is reintegrated into the vast expanse of the sea.

This deoxygenated water subsequently resides in the uppermost stratum of the ocean and subsequently engages in a chemical interaction with the atmosphere, thereby facilitating the sequestration of an equivalent measure of carbon dioxide.

In continuation of the triumphant pilot experiments, Captura, in partnership with AltaSea at the renowned Port of Los Angeles, intends to establish its next direct oceanic capture mechanism with the capability to purify a colossal 100 tons (90.7 metric tonnes) of carbon dioxide from the ocean annually.

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