Pangea Ultima: A Supercontinent That Could Doom Life on Earth

Pangea Ultima: A Supercontinent That Could Doom Life on Earth

Scientists at the University of Bristol predict that in about 250 million years, the continents will collide to form a new supercontinent called Pangea Ultima. This super-continent will be much hotter than Earth is today because of carbon dioxide being released into the air from volcanic eruptions.

Pangaea Ultima is expected to form in about 250 million years, when a land mass comprising Europe, Asia and Africa merges with the Americas.

And to make things even worse, the Sun is probably gonna get 2.5 percent brighter while Pangea Ultima is forming, which means more intense sunlight and even hotter temperatures. The researchers believe that most mammals and plants will not be able to survive in this hot and dry environment.

The researchers used state-of-the-art climate modeling supercomputer to simulate the conditions on Pangea Ultima. They found that the average temperature on the planet would be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and that carbon dioxide levels would be more than double current levels. This would create a barren landscape with little plant or animal life.
mass extinction

As scary as it sounds, there have been extinction events before on Earth, and we’re pretty sure there will be more in the future. The researchers acknowledge that this is a grim prospect, but they believe that life will eventually recover from this extinction event.

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