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Tata Motors Invests In Hydrogen Future With New R&D Facilities

Tata Motors has introduced two advanced research and development facilities in order to provide sustainable mobility solutions. The unveilings include an engine test cell for the development of a Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine, as well as the necessary infrastructure for storing and distributing Hydrogen fuel for Fuel Cell and H2ICE vehicles.

tata motors
Tata Motors unveils new R&D facilities to develop hydrogen propulsion technologies

The company is making progress towards carbon neutrality by investing in these facilities and recognizing the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy source.

The company displayed a wide range of commercial vehicle concepts at the Auto Expo 2023, including the Prima tractor, which comes in two versions – one with a Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine and the other with Fuel Cell Technology. They also showcased the next generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell bus. This is part of their efforts to achieve net zero emissions.

Tata Motors, a leader in zero-emission technologies, recently provided two cutting-edge Hydrogen Fuel Cell buses to Indian Oil Corporation. These buses are the first of their kind, incorporating advanced technology and improved safety features. Tata Motors was awarded this tender in 2021.

Tata Motors is known for being one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in the country, with a strong focus on innovation. Their research and development facilities have consistently created and designed new ways to power vehicles using alternative fuel technologies such as battery-electric, hybrid, CNG, LNG, Hydrogen ICE, and Hydrogen Fuel Cell technologies.

The company is in a strong position to maintain its leadership in green technologies and has been at the forefront of electrifying cargo and passenger transportation in India.

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