Seaweed Farming In Wind Farm On A Commercial Scale: A First

A world-first project is poised to take root in the North Sea, with the upcoming launch of a seaweed farm nestled amongst offshore wind turbines. This collaboration between North Sea Farmers and Simply Blue Group aims to cultivate seaweed at a commercial scale, leveraging the existing infrastructure of the wind farm.

Seaweed Farm

The harsh environment of the North Sea presents challenges for seaweed farming, but limited space pushes innovation. This initial phase will see seaweed planted on a 10-hectare plot, with a projected harvest of 6,000 kilograms in spring 2025.

Simply Blue’s involvement adds credibility to the project. The company, a leader in pushing boundaries within offshore wind, sees seaweed farming as a way to maximize ocean space utilization and promote a sustainable future. While co-locating solar panels and fish farms with wind turbines is gaining traction, seaweed offers a novel approach.

This project positions Simply Blue at the forefront of this emerging field. Their previous collaboration with Arctic Seaweed focused on developing prototypes, and the North Sea project represents a significant step towards commercialization.

“We believe that in time offshore wind farms will have multiple uses,” stated Simply Blue’s co-founder and CEO Hugh Kelly, highlighting the project’s potential to revolutionize ocean resource management. This initiative paves the way for a future where wind farms and seaweed farms coexist, contributing to a greener future.

Reference- Simply Blue Newsroom, Clean Technica, Futurism, Interesting Engineering, Ocean News