80WASH: Waterless Washing In 80-Second!

Modern washing machines, despite advancements, use a significant amount of water – about 100 liters to remove just a spoonful of dirt! This isn’t just wasteful, but also a potential environmental hazard as the leftover water, filled with chemicals from detergents and softeners, can pollute waterways.

An innovative startup called 80wash from Chandigarh is tackling both water waste and detergent use with a single solution. Their washing machine promises to clean clothes, and even metal objects and protective gear, in a mere 80 seconds. This impressive speed comes with minimal water usage (just a few milliliters) and eliminates the need for detergent altogether.

The secret lies in 80wash’s patented ISP (immediate supersaturated phase of water) steam technology. This technology uses low-powered radio waves to kill bacteria and sterilize items. Additionally, dry steam (which is steam with low moisture) generated at room temperature helps remove stains, dirt, and odors.

A typical wash cycle (for a 7-8 kg machine) takes just 80 seconds and can handle up to five garments using only half a cup of water – no detergent required! For tougher stains, additional cycles can be run, typically 4-5 repetitions should do the trick. For larger loads (think 70-80 kg!), the machine can handle 50 clothes with just 5-6 glasses of water spread across multiple cycles, depending on the type of clothing.

Currently, 80wash machines are undergoing pilot testing in seven locations across three cities – Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali. These pilots, deployed in places like hostels, hospitals, and salons, are crucial in determining the commercial viability of this innovative technology.

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