Diodra S3: The Lightest Sustainable E-Bike Built With Bamboo

A Romanian bicycle company, Diodra, is launching the S3 e-bike, which they say is the lightest e-bike in the world. Made with a special layered bamboo frame, the S3 weighs in at a mere 15 kilograms, or 33 pounds.


While it might not hold the absolute title of lightest e-bike, it’s likely the lightest bamboo e-bike ever created. That’s certainly an achievement, and on top of that, the S3 is arguably one of the most attractive bamboo bikes on the market.

In the past, bamboo bikes were built with raw bamboo tubes lashed together or inserted into metal joints. These bikes were strong and flexible, but looked like DIY projects. Today, laminated bamboo offers a stronger and more reliable material that can be shaped into various designs.

An example is the Diodra S3, a modern e-bike with a laminated bamboo frame. This 250W motor bike offers pedal assistance up to 25 km/h (EU) and 32 km/h (US) and has disc brakes for stopping power. For a clean look, cables are routed through the frame, and adjustable dropouts allow for perfect chain tension, belt drive compatibility, and precise brake alignment.

The 300Wh battery boasts a 100 km (63 miles) range and is uniquely positioned inside the motor, not on the frame. The S3 is currently available for pre-order at €2,199 (discounted from €2,899) with deliveries expected in 3 months.

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