Cybertruck: A Pickup Built For The Apocalypse, But Not The Car Wash

Tesla’s Cybertruck, a behemoth designed to conquer any terrain, seems to have a surprising Achilles’ heel: everyday situations.

Recent reports highlight the truck’s struggles with car washes, a task most pickups manage with ease. One owner recounted their Cybertruck shutting down entirely after a car wash visit, leaving them stranded with a blank center console and a hefty repair bill.


This isn’t the only glitch plaguing the futuristic truck. Early reports detailed issues ranging from body panels with Grand Canyon-sized gaps to shattered “armor glass” and malfunctioning steering. The latest addition to this growing list is a problem with the accelerator pedal, forcing Tesla to halt deliveries.

The Cybertruck’s supposed ruggedness seems like a façade when juxtaposed with its laundry list of delicate needs. Tesla’s official care instructions are more akin to caring for a rare orchid than a tough pickup.

Apparently, the stainless steel exterior is susceptible to corrosion under the harsh glare of, well, sunlight. Washing your Cybertruck also requires a special “Car Wash Mode” that seals the vehicle tighter than a submarine hatch, wipers rendered useless.

Forget the convenience of a regular car wash; Tesla insists on “touchless” washes only for Cybertruck, those that don’t dare actually touch the truck. And if you scoff at these seemingly absurd instructions, be prepared to face the consequences. Tesla’s warranty explicitly excludes damage caused by both improper washing and neglecting to use “Car Wash Mode.”

In conclusion, the Cybertruck, a vehicle built to weather the apocalypse, seems ill-equipped to handle the mundane. Potential buyers should be prepared to invest not just in the hefty price tag, but also in a significant amount of time and effort to keep their stainless steel behemoth from turning into a giant paperweight.

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