Greater Noida’s Surajpur Wetland Faces Encroachment Threat

Environmental activists in Greater Noida have raised concerns about alleged encroachment on a protected area within the Surajpur wetland. The disputed land falls under the reserve forest and is crucial for maintaining the wetland’s ecological balance.


Activists claim a cemented road, measuring approximately 300-400 meters in length and 3-4 meters wide, has been constructed across the Hawaliya drain within the wetland. This construction allegedly involved the removal of around 100 trees and shrubs.

While forest department officials claim the road was built for temporary access during an annual village fair, activists argue such activity violates the Wetland (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2010, which prohibits permanent structures in eco-sensitive areas.


Endangered Ecosystem:

The Surajpur wetland, spanning 308 hectares with a 60-hectare lake, is a vital bird habitat and one of the largest reserve forests in the region. This incident follows similar concerns in March 2024, where construction inside the Okhla Bird Sanctuary was halted due to public opposition.

Legal Precedent:

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has previously played a role in protecting the Surajpur wetland. In 2016, the NGT restrained the Uttar Pradesh government from construction activities within the wetland after concerns about permanent structures being built in the eco-sensitive zone.

Call to Action:

Environmental activists like Nisha Rai and Vikrant Tongad are urging authorities to take stricter action against such encroachments. They highlight the lack of government notification regarding the road construction and emphasize the importance of protecting the wetland’s fragile ecosystem.

This incident underscores the ongoing battle to preserve India’s wetlands and wildlife habitats. The Surajpur wetland case serves as a reminder of the need for stricter enforcement of environmental regulations and community vigilance in safeguarding these vital ecosystems. Clean-Future magazine urges readers to stay informed and raise their voices against such violations.

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