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Hydrostor Is Building World’s Largest Underground Energy Storage Facility

Over the next 25 years, a number of local governments have signed a $775 million deal to purchase power


SECI Is Looking For Non-Battery Energy Storage Projects

The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) is soliciting ideas for non-battery energy storage solutions to enhance renewable energy


New Zinc Energy Storage System Will Alleviates Supply Chain Concerns

Lithium-ion technology has long been the gold standard for rechargeable energy storage systems, but the lithium supply chain in


Zinc8 Heats Up The Energy Storage Segment With Zinc-Air Batteries

Zinc8 Energy Solutions, a Canadian battery manufacturer, reminds us that, in addition to solid-state batteries, there are other hot


Ecolution Plans To Gild Electric Trucks With Kinetic Energy Storage

Ecolution Power Company, located in Florida, is on a quest to gild the electric vehicle with kinetic energy storage,

Lift Energy Storage

Lift Energy Storage Tech – Turning Skyscrapers Into Battery

With the fast decrease in the cost of renewable energy generation, such as wind and solar power, there is

Salient energy

Salient Energy Begins Zinc-ion Battery Trials For Residential Energy Storage

Salient Energy, a zinc-ion battery manufacturer, has teamed with Horton World Systems (HWS), one of America’s top residential and


Are Supercapacitors the Future of Energy Storage?

Howard Becker, a General Electric engineer, invented the first supercapacitors in the 1950s. NEC gave this name in 1978,

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