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Vegetation Drought: A Threat To India’s Food Security

Vegetation drought is a condition of ecosystem which is affected by climate change and low soil moisture. Vegetation distribution

Indian Researchers Develop Biodegradable Film For Food & Drug Coatings

Indian researchers have developed a biodegradable film using lotus stem starch, whey protein concentrate, and psyllium husk that has

Now South Indian Food-Idlis, Powered by The Sun

In a country like India, the potential of solar energy is so immense that if harnessed optimally, every energy-dependent


Production Of Biofuels Is Stealing Food From 1.9 Billion People

Biofuels, which are generated from plant oils, agricultural waste, or wood, can be used to power vehicles and buses.


India Is Forced To ‘Ban Wheat Export’ Due To Climate Change

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has interrupted global wheat supply, India, the world’s third largest exporter, has chosen to step in


Millets, A Superfood, Are More Climate Resilient Than Rice…

India is suffering a water and food crisis, which has been compounded by extreme climatic cycles such as the

India Ethanol

India May Be Forced To Choose Between Eating And Driving…

India is soon reaching a life-or-death decision: eat or drive. The invasion of Ukraine, and hence the decline of


Savë Raises “Seed Fund” To Become India’s Green Growth Partner!

Savy Electric Vehicles (Savë), an EV startup located in Ahmedabad, has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed round

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