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Air Pollution

Majority Of Exposure To Outdoor Air Pollution Occurs Indoors

People think of air pollution as an outdoors issue. But that’s a common misconception; the vast majority of our

Are We Even Aware Of Indoor Air-Pollution?

The World Health Organization says India’s capital, New Delhi, has air quality that’s worse than any other major city

Gas Stoves

Remove Gas Stoves To Save Yourself From Indoor Pollution

We Act For Environmental Justicet, recently performed an experiment at a Bronx public housing project where all 96 units

Pure Skies

Pure Skies – Attacking Air Pollution At Workplace Without Using Filter

Devic Earth, Bangalore is offering world’s first ever Clean-Air-as-a-Service!! Their innovative built air purifier device “Pure Skies” can lower

Air pollution can be Dangerous in Eco-Friendly Homes

Air pollution can create problems even in eco-friendly buildings. According to a recent study, it is seen that these

Cooking Food In Most Energy Efficient Way!

Cooking Food In Most Energy Efficient Way!

According to a 2019 analysis from the Health Effects Institute, over half of the world’s population cooks using solid


Exhaust Emission Of SpaceX, Blue Origin Are Harmful To Humans…

The exhaust emissions from SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets (and others like it, like Blue Origin) appear to be harmful

Solar Technology To Heat Up Homes In Himalayas

Scientists have fabricated solar panels that could withstand harsh environmental conditions that prevail in upper reaches of Himalayas. These

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