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McDonald-Enel Solar Energy Deal Will Meet 100% Of Mac’s Electricity Needs

McDonald’s remains a popular choice for many people all around the world. The company is also becoming more ecologically

food packaging

Food Packaging From McDonald, Burger King Has Toxic Chemicals …

The Mind the Store campaign and Toxic-Free Future discovered that over half of all take-out food packaging tested from


All McDonald Customer Packaging To Come From Recycled Or Certified Sources By 2025

McDonald’s Corp said on Thursday it has nearly achieved its goal of sourcing all of its paper food packaging

Lightsource BP

Lightsource BP To Construct 345 MW Solar Farm For McDonald And eBay

McDonald’s Corporation and eBay Inc. today announced agreements with Lightsource bp to purchase power from what will be Louisiana’s

McDonald’s Becomes First Chain To Set GHG Emissions Reduction Targets

McDonald’s, one of the planet’s most recognizable companies, has become the first restaurant chain in the world to set


Whether Plant-based Or Animal Meat Fast Foods Are Equally BAD

In November, McDonald’s announced plans to roll out plant-based versions of its signature items, including a burger, chicken sandwich, and breakfast


Big Mac Boxes Are Contributing To “Forever Chemicals” Pollution

Over a million Big Mac boxes are used and discarded each day. And new test results show that those

Plant-Based Foods

Plant-Based Foods Are In Great Demand World Over

In the last 2 years, a whole new series of plant-based foods have captured the interest and taste buds

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