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scooter fire

Savë Electric Scooters From Fire…

We’ve been plagued with reports of electric scooters catching fire in recent days. It is now one of the

Climate Change

Climate Change Has Gained New Fodder Due To Ukraine War

According to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the problem of climate change, which he recognized was “not solved” at


Scientist – Geoengineering Should Be Made Illegal

As the effects of climate change spread across the world, many people are taking the idea of geoengineering more

waste age

Waste Age Can Come To An END, If We As A Society Demand…

Waste blurs the line between nature and society. Climate change has changed the weather, and plankton thousands of metres


Is It Possible To Burn All Our Trash In Volcanic Lava?

True, lava is hot enough to burn some trash. When Kilauea, Hawaii, erupted in 2018, the lava flows reached


Making Hydrogen A Primary Source Of Green Energy Is A Misguided Strategy…

Ambitions to make hydrogen (H2) a critical energy carrier for a climate-friendly future are misplaced, according to Anthony Patt,


Extinction Seems To Be The Only Choice For Humanity…

Henry Gee, a palaeontologist and the editor of Nature, states this: “It is possible that our time on this

Climate Change

Climate Change – The Different Futures That Lie Ahead…

Climate change is the gradual alteration of long-term weather patterns. However, it is fast escalating as a result of

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