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Energy Efficiency: The Fastest Way To Reduce CO2

We already have all the technologies we need to go 100% renewable. The only real challenge is the pace

Addressing Planned Obsolescence And e-Waste With A Single Stroke

Planned obsolescence, or built-in obsolescence, in industrial design and economics is a policy of planning or designing a product

Current State Of Indian Solar Industry

India wants to achieve a very ambitious target of  solar power capacity of 100 GW by 2022 which is

Exemption Of CPPs Will Hurt India’s Chances Of Achieving ‘175 GW Target’

As India hopes to meet the target of 175 gigawatt (GW) renewable energy installation capacity by 2022, as part

BOS: A Crucial Part Of Solar Plants, Is Often Neglected

Balance of systems, or as commonly known as BOS, is a crucial part of any solar power plant. BOS

Oxford Professor See A Link Between Alien Abductions And Environmental Crisis

Dr Young-hae Chi, Professor at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, believes in a strong correlation between climate change and alien abductions.

Hydrogen Cars Is A Bad Idea In Its Present Form…

Hydrogen fuel cell cars is a bad idea in its present form? Why? Let me try to explain… Mass

“On This Earth Day Let’s At least Commit To Baby Steps, Towards Clean Future”

According to the 6th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released in October, 2018, titled “Global Warming of 1.5

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