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Coastal Blue Carbon Sinks Can Protect Us From Rising Seas

Coastal Blue Carbon Sinks Can Protect Us From Rising Seas

Carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere and stored in the water is referred to as blue carbon. The term


Are Humans On The Verge Of Collapse, Or Do We Have Hope?

Across the political spectrum, there is a widespread and rising belief that the human enterprise is on the verge

Karl Marx

Karl Marx May Have A Solution To The Climate Crisis

According to a Japanese researcher whose book on Marxism and the environment has become a surprise bestseller, the climate

Deep Sea Mining Is Not Good For Planet...

Deep Sea Mining Is Not Good For Planet…

Deep sea mining businesses are banking on the EV market to kickstart this destructive sector, which may start operations


Is That New Swanky Car Really Ours?

Elon Musk and Tesla have been pioneers in introducing over-the-air upgrades to cars. Connectivity has a number of advantages.


Production Of Biofuels Is Stealing Food From 1.9 Billion People

Biofuels, which are generated from plant oils, agricultural waste, or wood, can be used to power vehicles and buses.


Eco-Sufficiency – Moving Beyond Eco-Efficiency

We all agree that our civilization must transition to renewable energy and become considerably more energy-efficient. Even then some

India Ethanol

India May Be Forced To Choose Between Eating And Driving…

India is soon reaching a life-or-death decision: eat or drive. The invasion of Ukraine, and hence the decline of

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