safe and just

Temperature increase, water system disturbance, and natural habitat loss have already surpassed safe and just limits for humans, according to a research conducted by Earth Commission, which consist of the world’s best experts. Climate, biodiversity, water, natural ecosystems, land use, and the influence of fertilizers and aerosols were all recognizedContinue Reading


The planet, as you may have heard, is in pretty bad shape. But the immense scale of the threats posed by global climate change and human-induced biodiversity loss could be even more grave than people understand. Part of the challenge is that the world’s political and economic systems are designedContinue Reading

Mass Extinction

Climate change and rising temperatures are already causing a mass exodus away from the equator; this region is the most biodiverse ecosystems in the ocean. But as temperatures rise, aquatic organisms will likely continue to flee their homes in greater and greater numbers. According to a team of Australian researchersContinue Reading

subsidy-Free solar power

Google has decided to buy subsidy-free solar power in extremely northerly (i.e., grey) Denmark as the prices for them have become very competitive. Better Energy and Google announced the completion of a new zero-subsidy solar park in Næstved. The park is a result of the long-term power purchase agreement (PPA)Continue Reading