The Michelin Group recently signed a transport commitment with NEOLINE, a French startup that provides decarbonized shipping services. This new commitment reflects Michelin’s goal for doing its part to reduce CO2 emissions from its logistic operations. NEOLINE’s service relies on clean and renewable wind energy as its main propulsion. NEOLINE’sContinue Reading

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Two of the most widely emphasized contenders for carbon emissions reduction in the electricity sector are nuclear power and renewable energy. While scenarios regularly question the potential impacts of adoption of various technology mixes in the future, it is less clear which technology has been associated with greater historical emissionContinue Reading


Volkswagen Group distributes its automotive products to various countries around the world using several hundred commercial vessels and 11 chartered ship carriers, resulting in vast plumes of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. However, now Volkswagen is putting two new ultramodern vehicle carriers into service this year. The first of them,Continue Reading

Telecom regulator Trai today recommended 40 per cent carbon emission reduction in telecom network by 2022-23 with base year being 2011-12. The regulator has also suggested that the government should pass all the benefits granted under various schemes for using renewableenergy technologies to telecom operators. “The target for reduction in carbon emission be set asContinue Reading