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E-Waste Can Be Addressed With ‘Right To Repair’

The world produced nearly 45 million tonnes of e-waste in 2016 as consumers and businesses threw out their old

LFP batteries

European Tesla Model 3 Vehicles Will Have New LFP Batteries

Any Tesla Model 3 vehicles that get shipped from the Shanghai Gigafactory to customers in Europe will include the

Extracting High-Purity Manganese From Mine Waste For Batteries

While we know lithium is a major driver of EV growth, high-purity manganese is another battery metal that will

European Energy Storage Growth Down, Due To State Apathy – Not Coronavirus

According to the European Association for Storage of Energy (Ease), Europe’s energy storage boom stalled last year due to

Electric Vehicle

Global Electric Vehicle Sales Rise, While Fossil Fuel Saw A 4.7% Drop…

Global electric vehicle sales have continued to rise, with 2019 EV market share reaching 4.7% in China and 3.8%

Twingo ZE (Zero Emissions) Will Hit The Market In 2020.

The Renault Twingo is a popular little car in Europe. After years of customers clamoring for an electric version

Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Becomes A Reality Now

Turning clean electricity into energetic gases such as hydrogen or methane is an old idea that is making a

Daimler & BMW To Form Large Joint Urban Mobility Company

Daimler AG and the BMW Group are collaborating on a joint urban mobility company and are planning to create

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