Electric vehicle (EV) batteries frequently outlive the cars for which they were designed. So the question is, what can we do with them to make EVs more environmentally friendly, given that recycling is still a challenge? Sure, recycling will be difficult, but we aren’t even there yet in the lifeContinue Reading


Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) and Honda have signed an agreement to form a comprehensive strategic alliance on new energy vehicle batteries. By bringing together the two companies’ individual technology advantages, CATL and Honda will conduct joint development on NEVs batteries and joint R&D into fundamental technologies, aiming forContinue Reading

A lithium-ion battery which is used to power an automobile, degrades over time. But when no longer suitable for use in a vehicle, those batteries typically have 60 to 70% of their useful life remaining. Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed an innovative control system for repurposed electricContinue Reading

The BMW Battery Storage Farm Leipzig has now been officially commissioned, with the second-life BMW i3 battery storage facility now slated to provide storage capacity to local wind energy generation, and also grid balancing capability. The new BMW Battery Storage Farm Leipzig will use up to 700 high-capacity, used batteryContinue Reading