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New- Renault Launches Electric Retrofit Kits For Vintage Models

New – Renault Launches Electric Retrofit Kits For Vintage Models

In 2023, the new electric vehicles (EVs) are rather beautiful. But not everyone want to drive a brand-new vehicle.

Nuclear Reactor

French Nuclear Reactors Have Developed Cracks

Dozens of France’s nuclear reactors remain offline following a series of worrying failures believed to be caused by stress-induced


Car Company Ads Will Have To Say ” Do Not Drive Cars”

France doesn’t want you to drive a car — and now it’s forcing auto companies to tell you not


France Is Adapting Its Laws For Autonomous Vehicles

Europe is having a first as France makes preparations for the arrival of autonomous vehicles on its roads. They

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion Will Be A Reality By 2025 – Work In Progress

Today, engineers started construction of the world’s largest nuclear fusion project in southern France with operations planned to begin

electric cars

Amazing Offer -Electric Cars Are Literally Free In Germany

Car buyers in Europe can now get their hands on a brand-new electric vehicle for less than the typical

A Colossal Failure: World’s First Solar Road

In 2016 France turned a one-kilometer stretch of Normandy’s roadway into the world’s first solar road. And three years later, the

Is Global Heatwave Really Linked To Climate Change?

Can the global heatwave condition be chalked up to climate change? The French government is on high alert. For

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