Iron Catalyst

Within fuel cells there are so many energy conversions involved in producing hydrogen and then turning it into electricity, that the overall efficiency of the process is lost, and then you still need a battery to provide that instantaneous burst of power…so if we’re going to have a battery, why not justContinue Reading


Many people believe that hydrogen is “the fuel of the future” and is going to be useful in the transportation sector (or the electricity sector, for that matter) outside of niche applications. However, the following chart is one of the clearest explanations of why H2 cars fueled by “green hydrogen”Continue Reading

Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia have created a prototype of an alternative battery that runs on carbon and water. This is the first-ever rechargeable proton battery, an energy storage solution that runs off on cheap, environmentally friendly materials. But why do we need to change the way weContinue Reading

With fuel cell electric vehicles coming to the market, many consumers think that fuel cells are only used in cars. Think again. Fuel cells can be scaled to meet many different energy conversion or power needs. From primary stationary power and combined heat and power applications to powering cell phonesContinue Reading