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Hyperion, a new Southern California clean tech startup is looking to transform transportation from the ground all the way on up to space with its new hydrogen-powered technology.

They plan to unveil their first product — a hydrogen-powered supercar know as XP-1 — next month via a live-streamed event.

Hyperion says that the XP-1 will be hydrogen-powered, but offers scant details about how the vehicle will utilize the hydrogen, simply noting that, “The XP-1 will utilize an advanced hydrogen-fueled propulsion system and aims to help usher in a new frontier of automotive technology.”

They plan to educate masses about the benefits of hydrogen-based power systems. The goal is to tell the story of hydrogen with inspiring vehicles and infrastructure solutions.

With the debut of the XP-1, they aim to kick-start the final frontier towards a cleaner tomorrow for generations to come.

The Company, Inc. was founded in 2011 by a team of PhDs, and has since established three primary business arms. All three build on the foundational premise of developing hydrogen-powered power and delivery technologies, as Hyperion Energy, Hyperion Motors, and Hyperion Aerospace.

The Motors vertical aspires to leverage experience from its team in the fields of engineering, aeronautical, and space to optimize the potential of hydrogen-powered powertrains in a single high performance vehicle, the XP-1.

The goal is to deliver a vehicle that can outperform the sports cars of today, just without the emissions.

The team believes it can deliver the promise of zero emission hydrogen powertrains to customers in a new way that’s more efficient than current battery electric vehicles.

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