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Global Warming

World Will Probably Warm Beyond The 1.5-Degree Limit…

The world’s existing climate pledge are insufficient to keep the 2015 Paris Agreement’s objective firmly in sight. Global warming

As The World Warms, Ancient Grains Become More Popular

As The World Warms Up, Ancient Grains Become More Popular

From the more commonly recognized barley, spelt, and farro, to the lesser known kamut, teff, and sorghum, ancient grains


Indian Antarctic Bill – An Effort To Protect Antarctica’s Fragile Ecosystem

Last Monday, the Lok Sabha approved the Indian Antarctic Bill 2022, which seeks to establish national safeguards for the

climate change

Climate Change Is Converting Lakes Into Environmental Nuclear Bomb

Climate change is shrinking Utah’s Great Salt Lake, threatening an environmental disaster that may transform the air around Salt

cooling services

Modern Day Paradox – Our Cooling Services Are Heating Earth…

The cooling services industry (air-conditioning and refrigeration) saw a significant expansion during the twentieth-century industrial revolution in Europe and


Shell’s Consultant Quit Because She Was Tired of Seeing “Greenwashing”

A Shell consultant quit on Monday, accusing the oil company of “failing on a gigantic planetary scale” to reduce

Nature-Based Solutions : A Tool For Climate Change Adaptation

The third Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report serves as a reminder of humanity’s tremendous arsenal of technology,


McKinsey – Tackling Climate Change Would Require $9.2 Trillion/Year !

According to a recent analysis from the McKinsey consulting firm, the cost of tackling climate change would require the

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